How I Edit AI-Written Content (In Less than 30 Minutes)

Over the last few months, I’ve refined my process for editing AI-written articles. Each one takes less than 30 minutes to edit now. In many cases, my articles jump straight to #1 on Google within days. In this post, I’ll share my exact process, step-by-step. Let’s jump right in! To generate content in the first … Read more

Deep-Dive: The AI Niche (Ridiculous Potential)

The AI niche is exploding right now. When I say “right now”, I mean it. Some of the top AI websites got their start in 2023. Traffic and revenue figures are impressive. Far greater than most niches. And due to skyrocketing interest, much like crypto in 2017, the flood of traffic has likely only just … Read more

How to Know if a Niche is Good

Want to know how to determine whether a niche is good and worth pursuing? After analyzing hundreds of niches, these are the 6 things I always look for. The criteria a niche MUST meet to be worth pursuing. This could save you from wasting years of precious time. Before proceeding, I suggest picking a niche … Read more

Niche Site Case Study Update #4 (January, 2023)

January was a good month. My site earned it’s first dollar ($7.14 to be exact!) This came from a product review where I had links to Amazon. Someone bought the product I reviewed, which costs over $150. I’ve owned lots of profitable niche websites over the years, but the excitement of the first sale never … Read more

Niche Site Case Study Update #3 (December, 2022)

By the numbers, December was rough. Didn’t hit my goal of 30 new posts. Didn’t have any visits to the site. Lost keyword rankings. I’m aware this is the early stage when growth seems impossible and when the vast majority of people would call it quits. But I’m going to see this through. I have … Read more

Niche Site Case Study Update #2 (November, 2022)

Note: some of the links below are affiliate links. A lot of little things happened in November. In last month’s update, I mentioned that it appeared I’d been hit with the Google Spam update. I had recently published 19 articles on my site that were all super similar, so I figured that might be the … Read more

Case Study Update #1 (October 2022): The Foundation

Welcome to my niche site case study! This is my first update, so there’s nothing all that exciting to report. But with that said, hope you enjoy. I’ve been building niche sites for 7 years now (see more on my about page). It’s been a little while since I’ve launched a new site, as I’ve … Read more