Simple Trick to Find Keywords with Quora or Reddit Ranking on Page One

Here’s a simple trick I use to find keywords with Quora, Reddit, or other UGC (user generated content) sites ranking on the first page.

For this to work well, install the Keywords Everywhere browser extension (you only need the free version).

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Let’s begin!

Use the site: operator with a UGC site, then add your keyword.

Example: angelfish

Scroll through the results and look for ones that get some traffic according to Keywords Everywhere.

If a result gets traffic, it likely ranks on the first page for its main keyword.

I found the following result on the first page, which gets 15 visits/mo (likely MUCH higher):

The next step is to find the main keyword that result is ranking for.

To do that, hover over the traffic (circled in the above screenshot) and click either number in the first column (circled in the below screenshot):

That will bring up a list of keywords that result is ranking for, and the position in which it’s ranking for each.

In this case, the main keyword is “angelfish won’t eat”.

(I can tell because it has a low SERP position compared to the other keywords).

Now, verify that Quora’s actually ranking for that keyword still by googling it.

There it is, ranking on the first page for “angelfish won’t eat” just as expected 🙂

This looks like a pretty good keyword, because:

  1. Quora is ranking (UGC on the first page!)
  2. Many of the other results have low domain authority
  3. It has decent search volume, since most of the ranking sites get traffic according to Keywords Everywhere

Repeat this process with other Quora results that rank for “angelfish” to uncover tons more great keywords.

You can also do the same thing with Reddit and any other UGC site in your niche. Just switch out quora in the site operator.

So, keyword 🙂

If you found this helpful, just wait till you see what’s inside my keyword research course…

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2 thoughts on “Simple Trick to Find Keywords with Quora or Reddit Ranking on Page One”

    • Hey Morten,

      You’re welcome!

      And nope, the free version of Keywords Everywhere is all you need for this.

      You can get the search volume by installing the free Keyword Surfer extension. 🙂



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